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Re: will maria db overcome mysqls feature limitations? (foreign keys+triggers, recursive triggers)


Hi, Ludwig!

On Jun 21, Ludwig Gramberg wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering if mariadb plans to overcome mysqls limitations such as
> - foreign key operations do not start triggers
> - triggers can’t be recursive (error 1442)

I haven't heard about any plans about these specific limitations.
That's because nobody requested that yet.

But by all means, do request these feature requests at mariadb.org/jira
and then we will certainly consider them for the next major version (and
then for the following major version if they won't made it into the
next, and so on).

> But besides additional features, is there a chance that mariadb could
> ever overcome limitations?  Is this even a goal of this project?

Yes, sure. But we cannot do everything at once, so we prioritize
tasks that our users wants us to do.


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