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Re: Numa linux


You might want to enable "numa interleave" for Maria (if your instance will use more than the memory of a single physical CPU for example), for that you can pass the option "--numa-interleave" to mysqld_safe or simply add "numa_interleave" in the configuration under the "[mysqld_safe]" section. Dont forget to install the "numactl" package before if you dont want to end up having MariaDB to fail to (re)start as its required to enable the "numa_interleave" option.

Its usually better to use this approach to inverleave only what you decide to rather than forcing it system-wide on the bios.

Le 05/08/2015 03:55, Daniel Black a écrit :

----- On 5 Aug, 2015, at 8:24 AM, roberto roberto@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi guys i'm comfiguring linux kernel, there's some valid numa comfig at kernel
to check?
Why? Most distro kernels have most options enabled including NUMA support.

It's a xeon server with 2 cpu and 10cores each
$ numactl --hardware

shows hardware. E.g the following from a non numa.

available: 1 nodes (0)
node 0 cpus: 0 1 2 3
node 0 size: 11905 MB
node 0 free: 437 MB
node distances:
node   0
   0:  10

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