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Re: writing plugin with .net language (C#)


Hi, Roberto!

On Sep 13, Roberto Spadim wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I have a program wrote in c#, it process some code and the result is a
> struct (an array of string/double/int)
> I want to include this program inside mariadb server as a daemon plugin (to
> process data) + a storage engine (to read struct data)
> is that possible? considering that i can write dll with .net?
> what about write this to linux (.so files) ?

I think it's possible, why not? You might need a thin layer of the
interface code in C (seeing your code, I believe you can do that easily :),
and the main logic in C#. On Linux you can, perhaps, use Mono.

But I haven't heard of anyone doing that, so I don't know of any
specific pitfalls that you might face on this way.


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