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Re: what is adding the -g compile parm?


Hi, Reindl!

On Sep 20, Reindl Harald wrote:
> "-O3 -g" appears in the cmake output, that likely breaks ld.gold / -flto 
> and so the question: who the explain the build *not* add that useless 
> param for production builds like most oterh software don't
> without one could also remove the strip-calls in rpm-spec-files!

Sorry, I have more questions that answers...

* How do you build? Where do you see -O3 -g?
* Why do you think it breaks gold? It shouldn't. In fact, gold doesn't
  work for a completely different reason, see MDEV-5982.
* Why would it break -flto? TokuDB is always compiled with -flto, so
  either "-O3 -g" isn't added autumatically in our builds or -flto works
  with it just fine.

Besides, we don't use rpm spec files, cpack generates then
internally as needed.


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