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Re: Moving from Launchpad lists to something else... ?


To be able to give the best answer we must first know what is motivating the move from LP.

Aside of that, if the already self-hosted lists are working well and you already know how to maintain properly it its probbaly the best course but mail routing (rate-limiting, avoiding blacklisting, possibly using multiple outgoing IPs) might become an issue if the number of subscribers is very important (but it definitely isnt the case ATM, less than 400 for maria-discuss and about the same for maria-developers).

Le 14/10/2015 15:08, Colin Charles a écrit :

I was speaking to Otto (CEO, MariaDB Foundation) and discussing that we should move the lists from Launchpad to something else. We obviously want to preserve the archives, and this isn’t going to happen overnight (something like an aim by the end of the year).

Would you be ok with running on Google Groups?

Would you prefer being on Mailman?

Do you have another self-hosted or (preferably free) hosted solution as your preference?

Today, we have several lists (maria-discuss, maria-developers, maria-docs) that are hosted on Launchpad. We also have a few lists (ambassadors, announce, commits, mirroring, maria-buildbot-reports) hosted on Mailman at lists.askmonty.org.

Let us know what you think about this

Kind Regards,
Colin Charles

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