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Re: MariaDB 10.0.23 now available


Hi, Reindl!

On Dec 19, Reindl Harald wrote:
> [root@buildserver:~]$ mysql-test.sh
> Logging: ./mysql-test-run.pl  --default-myisam --parallel=1 
> --max-test-fail=0 --mysqld=--binlog-format=mixed --skip-ndb --force
> Invalid option "--default-myisam"
> seriously in a minor-update?

You're right. It might've been better to do it in 10.2.

On the other hand, it's an option that never did anything, it was always
ignored and shouldn't have been merged in the first place. And it's not
like mysql-test-run is used in production, it's purely for testing.

But still, I agree, better to do changes like this before GA.

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