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Weighted Quorum for Three Nodes


In the Galera docs 
d-quorum-for-three-nodes>  I read

> When configuring quorum weights for three nodes, use the following pattern:
> node1: pc.weight = 2
> node2: pc.weight = 1
> node3: pc.weight = 0
> Under this pattern, killing node2 and node3 simultaneously preserves the
> Primary Component
> <http://galeracluster.com/documentation-webpages/glossary.html#term-primary-co
> mponent>  on node1.  Killing node1 causes node2 and node3 to become
> non-primary components.

The wording makes it sound as though this is a general recommendation. But,
iiuc, this cluster of 3 nodes has a single point of failure: node1. How is
this desirable?


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