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JSON in MySQL and MariaDB


I wonder if someone are able to summarize differences (and similarities -
if any ;-) )  between MariaDB and MySQL as regards JSON. I a not really
able to structure it myself.

MySQL has introduced the JSON datatype
https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/json.html. I don' tbelieve it is
availale in MariaDB.  The slides here
tell that dynamic columns should be used with JSON and MariaDB.

Also how much do the functions in both servers for manipulating JSON
differ? Are they just named diferently in some cases but doing basically
the same? What manipultion options does one have that the other has not
(and vice versa).

Also :does MariaDB have any plans to move closer to MySQL in 10.2 (such as
introducing the JSON datatype and related syntax and funtionalities, for

We would like to add JSON handling capabilites in our (SQLyog) GUI client
soon.  But the 'uneven' implementation in MariaDB and MySQL is indeed a

I think the reply to questions above would be approproate for a Blog, BTW.
(@Anders - something for you?)

-- Peter Laursen
-- Webyog