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New Question: Is Aria a good choice in environments where power will often fail?



A new question has been asked in "Aria" by thomas_gawehn. Please answer it at http://mariadb.com/kb/en/is-aria-a-good-choice-in-environments-where-power-will-often-fail/ as the person asking the question may not be subscribed to the mailing list.

Hi all,

the Aria storage engine is described to be "crash safe".

Would this mean that Aria is a good choice in production environments where the system power is expected to fail very often? Think about small embedded systems which are run without UPS?

What will happen when power fails right whilst a record being updated or inserted and the corresponding I/O is right written to the disk at that moment? Would the database then come up corrupt after the next boot, with manuel assistance being neccessary -or- will the database be fine in general, and only the last record / the last change / last operation vanishes?

Always presumed, the LOCK TABLES command is sent directly after each data manipulation command.

What about possible operating system or hard disk "write behand" caches?

Thanks and best regards

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