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Question about MariaDB global reference In high complexity app and big DB Size


hi I am some question, i want some opinion below question

We planning ERP solution convert oracle to mariaDB
so erp application pattern and BIG DB SIZING IS ISSUE.

Our IT background & goal
1) Apppliciation Complexity & Pattern: ERP Level complexity (high , OLTP &
many batch)
2) DB SIZE : 10 TB Over (Single DB , NO sharding)
3) replication Gap issue

** My Question **
1) Any Global reference is in MariaDB  (on ERP level complexity and
application pattern)

2) Any some reference in BIG DATA SIZING ?
   (EX: 5TB DB Exists in XX COMPARY e-commerce soluntion..)

   IS Only solution is DB Sharding? no big data global reference ??

3) Replication performance
  : Our test result 2MB/SEC binlog written in master ,
     so slave node get replication lag glorwing.  (in row binlog format)
                           ( 1master - 1 slave )
    Any Body have experience some reference max transaction in no
replication gap ?
                           ( ex : 20MB / SEC but no replication gap our
application experience..)

: parellel slave thread is good performance in single domain-id and ordered
method replicaiton ?

   ( how much better performance in parallel replication?

   (ex single repliation 2MB/SEC BINLOG => Replication GAP GROW but,
parellel replicaiton is good in 10MB/Sec binlog write Environment)

thanks a lot.

regards, seung hoon yoo.

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