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Re: Collations, trailing spaces and unique indexes


On 11.03.2016 15:45, Alexander Barkov wrote:
> FYI, I have added a new task for this:
> https://jira.mariadb.org/browse/MDEV-9711


I couldn't resist taking a quick look into the sources.

- I have found my_hash_sort_utf8 in strings/ctype-utf8.c and am convinced that the change is incredibly easy there.

- I have found my_strnxfrm_unicode in the same file and will need more time to make my opinion of how difficult it will be (I don't know what a weight is, so I currently try to understand what the function does at all).

- My main problem: I did not find my_strnncollsp_utf8_general_ci anywhere (nor in the same neither in any other file). Where is it?

Furthermore, studying the code has led to some questions; for example, there already seems to be a #define which controls the padding-when-comparing mode, but only for the _cs collations?

Should we continue our conversation on the developer mailing list?



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