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HikariCP + searching archives


  I'm curious if there is a way to search the archives for this list - I
couldn't find one, so I think I'm about to ask a simple question, but here

I noticed the MariaDB connector/J docs give an example using the HikariCP
connection pool. Was there any reason for this?

I saw they filed bugs in the mariadb jira, so they have put some effort
into working with the community - and they have pretty graphs showing how
fast they are.

We're not really too worried about optimizing it yet - just adding a
connection pool as a best practice kind of thing to a rest service hitting
mariadb. Just wanted to make sure there weren't any caveats to using it
with connector/J or if it was picked as the example for any particular

Also - any thoughts on pooling being a best practice to start off with or
an optimization you should put in when you need it, and feel like tweaking
pool lifetimes, etc...


Take care,

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