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Re: Reg .Net with Entity Framework (ORM)


HI Brian,

Whilst I don't use the entity framework to connect to MariaDB I do use a WCF web service middle tier with, in production, an older MySQL dot net data adapter and in test environments I use more recent MariaDB dot net data adapters.

The only reason I haven't upgraded the older MySQL data adapter in my production environment is because it has never stopped working and newer versions have not proved to be any more useful, not for the processes I use anyway. (if it ain't broken don't fix it.)

As for dates I default date fields to NULL and have absolutely no issues at all with any of the dot net adapters, for me, they all handle null dates fine.
However that may not be the case with the entity framework but worth looking at because a null date may be better than an incorrect date.

Also, just a note on my experiences migrating from MySQL to MariaDB. My code didn't notice the difference. I had a seamless migration. Best decision I ever made. Go for it.


On 6/24/2016 2:24 AM, Karthick Subramanian wrote:
Hi All,

We would like to check whether any of you using .Net with Entity Framework to access Maria DB. If yes,

  1.  What connector is being used
  2.  What challenges are facing
  3.  Any other points that I need to take care while workign with .Net Entity Framework with MariaDB

I am getting ready to use this in my company.

I am using the latest Connector/Net from mysql.com

The only real challenge I faced was dealing with legacy data where .Net cannot handle zero dates.
So i set Date and DateTime fields to default to 1900-01-01 and updated any 0000-00-00 dates to that default.