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Regarding DR site set-up


Dear Experts,

I have a question on Max Scale requirement:

In prod - we have two DB server as Primary(Master) and Secondary(Slave).
Both being controlled via MaxScale.

Do we need to really set it up similar way in DR site also? I meant - Do we
need to keep Max Scale set it up in DR as well. Anyway, DR is going to be
exceptional scenarios in which entire application servers also work out of
DR site and we can still point all the app servers in DR site configured
directly to access the Maria DB server at DR instead of Max Scale.

Note: We are currently not using MaxScale for any complex needs, we are
using MaxScale for normal routing like RW split etc.

I know ideal is keep both Prod site and DR site equivalent. But as cost
cutting on servers etc, shall we keep DR the way I mentioned. Could you
please provide your opinion on this.


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