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after set replicate_wild_do_table, binlog file could not update ?


Hi, all
Today, we setup new master/slave (both MariaDB 10.1.14), add
log_slave_updates=1, log_bin , relay_log parameters in slave's my.cnf file.
in mariadb client , execute below command, when master update, slave
replication normal , and log_bin and relay_log file could update normal too.
stop slave; set global replicate_wild_do_table='test01.%,mysql.%' ; start

IF add replicate_wild_do_table='test01.%,mysql.%' in slave's my.cnf file
and restart salve, replication normal, relay_log file could update, but
log_bin file could not update.

we test four machines, all have the problem .
Please help confirm ,thanks .


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