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Re: Orphaned TokuDB tables


Hi, Rich!

Shall we include it in packages together with ha_tokudb.so?
Or is it too dangerous for that?

On Aug 02, Rich Prohaska wrote:
> Hello All,
> Sometimes, TokuDB gets left in a state where it thinks that parts of a
> table exist (as observed in TokuDB's file map), but not all of the
> underlying files (the TokuDB data files and/or the frm file) exist.  This
> probably occurs due to the interaction between the non-transactional DDL
> that MySQL/MariaDB uses to create or drop tables, and the transactional
> TokuDB engine underneath.  There is some bug there.
> I added the tokudb_delete_dnames_from_directory tool to the
> https://github.com/prohaska7/mariadb-server/tree/fix-tokudb-filemap
> branch.  This standalone tool can be used to delete dnames from the
> tokudb.directory.

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