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Don't replicate procedures in the mysql database


Hi all,

I'm using multi-source replication with "white list" options only:

foo.replicate_wild_do_table = foo.%
foo.replicate_ignore_table = foo.beep
foo.replicate_ignore_table = foo.tmp

The masters are writing row-based binary logs as is (no filtering at masters).

This works almost as expected: only the `foo` database gets updates,
the mentioned tables are ignored. The `mysql` database does not get
updates, even when I run GRANT / REVOKE on the masters quite often.

But when I create a procedure on the master it get propagated to the slave:

When I execute `CREATE PROCEDURE mysql.bar` on the master, this
procedure appears on the slave.

How could I avoid that? Did I miss some options? Is this a bug?

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