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Re: handling of mixed case roles


On 05/09/2016 10:27, Robin Peiremans wrote:


I've created a role with both upper and lowercase name, resulting in some weird behavior (output and test case below).

The first thing I noticed is that you can create roles with the same name but different case (test_role and test_ROLE in below example), but you can't grant both to the same user as that results in an error 1961 when granting the second role. Imo this indicates that not all the roles code is case-sensitive.

The second weird thing is that when you get the error 1961 in above scenario, the first role (that was granted successfully) is gone from the show grants output. It is not revoked (the user can still use it), it just isn't shown anymore until I flush privileges.

Can this be considered a bug, or am I missing something here?

Thanks, certainly a bug, please report it on

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