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Re: Critical Update for CVE-2016-6662


Hi, Alex!

On Sep 13, Alex wrote:
>  From what i noticed , centos6 hosts that were on mysql 5.6 , or mariadb 
> 10.1.17 is using the mysqld_safe.
> Upgraded centos7 hosts , and mysqld_safe is no longer a running process 
> for mariadb 10.1.17.
> Would this mean that only the hosts that do not run the mysqld_safe are 
> safe ?

No, that could be a coincidence.

It is true that the necessary part of the exploit is to run mysqld_safe.
If you use systemd - this particular exploit won't work.

But the vulnerability was fixed in 10.1.17, so even if you'd run
mysqld_safe in 10.1.17 - you would've been safe.

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