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Best way to scale writes


I have a DB scenario that is very write intensive. Essentially its a
large scale hit counter of sorts. Currently we're running on a single
12core server with 6 SSDs in a RAID6 array. But we're looking for a way
to scale out write volume by adding more servers, hopefully as
conveniently as I might add Apache servers to a website. We see two
servers laboring so we add a third to the mix and so on.

I'm still looking at the various technologies available to me and was
wondering if someone out there had some suggestions on this front.
Although Galera Cluster says it scales for write loads too it also says
that all servers write the same data and make sure its committed by the
time the transaction is completed. So it seems like write performance
would never scale because all servers are doing the same write.

Maybe I'm missing something.

Anyhow some pointers would be appreciated.

TIA - Jon

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