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New MariaDB releases and EOL distros



From what I understand, 10.2 is currently not being built on Ubuntu 12.04, as after 10.2.2 it required lots of effort to get it working on the platform, too much for a distro about to reach end of life. Currently, it's still built on Centos5, but I understand that this also isn't ideal.

The current deprecation dates are listed at:

What about simplifying these decisions with a guideline, such as that major new releases will not be built on distros that reach end-of-life within, say, 6 months of the expected stable release date. So if a new release is expected to be stable in December (understandably always an estimate), we won't bother to build it on distros that EOL before June. Currently, that would mean not building 10.2 on CentOS 5, which I think would be welcomed.