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Re: possible bug? #innodb-encryption-threads


Hi, lejeczek!

On Dec 01, lejeczek wrote:
> hi everyone
> I'm having a peculiar situation, a problem here with my 
> config, which config is pretty galera-vanilla.
> Namely, if I set these:
> plugin-load-add = file_key_management.so
> file-key-management
> file-key-management-filename = /var/lib/mysql/.keys.txt
> innodb_file_per_table = 1
> innodb-encrypt-log
> innodb-encryption-threads = 4     <= # this ! one here
> I get constant load on four cores, it would fluctuate just 
> under %400 CPU (24*7). I'd assume that 
> innodb-encryption-threads value causes it, and whatever the 
> value might be it will be reflected in CPU usage.

It might, innodb-encryption-threads=4 means there are four threads that
are encrypting your data in the background. On the other hand, you don't
have innodb-encrypt-tables, so may be they don't.

Do you use enable_encryption.preset config?

Does the load disappear if you remove innodb-encryption-threads?
Does the load disappear if you add innodb-encrypt-tables?
Does the load disappear if you set innodb-encryption-rotation-iops to
some low number (like 1)?

> I wonder if you too see it.
> I my case I think it does something more to one system, it 
> crashes the bloody thing to the extent where cold reboot is 
> needed.

A user-mode CPU load shouldn't really crash the system. Are you sure
your hardware (e.g. RAM) is ok?

Chief Architect MariaDB
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