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Replication-manager + Maxscale


Hi Experts,

I have a 2 db server with one as master and another one as slave.

Maxscale implemented with below monitor config:

*[MySQL Monitor]*
*script=/usr/bin/replication-manager --user root:password --rpluser
replusr:password *
*--hosts $INITIATOR,$NODELIST --failover=force --interactive=false*

When I shutdown master, failover is not automated. MRM (Replication
Manager) is not promoting the slave to master automatically.

In maxscale log, I noticed below:

*2017-03-02 03:33:36   notice : Executed monitor script
'/usr/bin/replication-manager --user root:password --rpluser
replusr:password --hosts $INITIATOR,$NODELIST --failover=force
--interactive=false' on event 'master_down'.*
*2017-03-02 03:33:36   error  : No Master can be determined.*

Is this because I didn't have the quorum (no slave) since its one master
and one slave set-up. Is there any workaround.


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