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mysqladmin - flush failed: Unknown error



We've got some database servers running MariaDB 10.1.22, and are having
issues with logrotate.  Specifically, after it runs, it leaves a 0 byte
file and continues writing log data to mysqld.log.1

Manually running logrotate in verbose mode shows this error from mysqladmin
when it tries to run -flush_logs:

/usr/bin/mysqladmin: flush failed; error: 'Unknown error'
error: error running non-shared postrotate script for /var/log/mysqld.log
of '/var/log/mysqld.log '
set default create context

Has anyone seen this before?  It doesn't look like a permissions error -
the logs are created fine if you run systemctl restart mariadb.


Senior Systems Administrator, IT Services
University of Bristol

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