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restore db from dump?


I have "mydump.sql" with dump of all databases in cluster. I am trying to
selectively restore one database only from the scenario below:
Have created  2 databases: test1 and test2 with table "person":
| Field | Type         | Null | Key | Default | Extra |
| name  | varchar(255) | YES  |     | NULL    |       |

Insert name "one" into table "person" for both databases:
insert into person values ('name');
Backup all data into "mysqldump.sql":
mysqldump -P3306  -uroot -pdbpass --all-databases >mysqldump.sql

drop database test2 (my mistake);
and insert additional data into "test1":
insert into person values ('name1');
insert into person values ('name2');

Now, i'd like to restore database test2 only:
mysql -uroot -pdbpass -e "create database if not exists test2;"
mysql -uroot -pdbpass test2 < mysqldump.sql

Success !! test2 is restored with all the data, but when I'checked "test1"
i only see one record "name" - two records that I've added after backup are
It looks as mysql just restore all data in dump file, regardless of
specifying the "target" database.

Is that expected, or do i have some error in my backup/restore procedure?
If this is expected, is there some comprehensive method to restore one
database selectively?

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