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Am 05.04.2017 um 22:17 schrieb Federico Razzoli:
Periodically this list becomes an early 90's fashion BBS. For days.
It is very interesting to discuss how every single human being except one is an idiot who don't reply messages correctly to emails but
1- After some years, if you didn't convince anyone, maybe you are not totally right

OK - so tell me *one* valid reason why one needs to reply to the list *and* to the person which wrote trhe last message - *one* VALID reason!

and now i tell you resons NOT to do:

* the RCPT get duplicate mails
* the off-list copy don't contain list-headers
* so that copy has no working reply-to-list button in a sane client
* that copy is typically faster than the list messages
* sane servers will silent drop the later arriving duplicate
* so reply to that message breaks THREADING for everyone
* it breaks threading in list-archives

so YES anybody who is not capable to use a mail client is not a genius - PERIOD