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Help explain what a SQL line was INTENDING to do?


I've used Mariadb for a couple of small projects.  I prefer to
automate as much of the initial creation and config as possible, using
SQL scripts executed from JDBC.  I can at least do this for the table
creation and population.

I'm taking over an existing small project that is organized somewhat
funky. There are some scripts that are apparently intended to
initialize the database, but I'm seeing one line in one of those
scripts that I don't understand, and I don't think is valid.

I would appreciate some help explaining what you think this line MIGHT
be intending to do:
ALTER TABLE `project` add column (proj_typ_id TINYINT(2) NOT NULL
DEFAULT 1, parent_proj_id int(11, has_children BOOLEAN);

The first problem is that first paren. There's no matching right
paren, so I can't imagine this can succeed.

Second, I don't understand much past that first comma.  Is this
intending to add TWO columns, the second being "parent_proj_id"?
Assuming that's the case, what exactly does "int(11, has_children
BOOLEAN)" mean?  I can see that it's declaring an 11-digit int, but I
don't understand the "has_children" part.

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