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AWS Key Management plugin


Currently configuring MariaDB for at rest encryption using Amazon key

A few weeks ago, I setup our primary server with no problems (Centos 7).
Recently, working on the same hardware/OS for slaves - when I do a yum
install MariaDB-aws-key-management I get:  "No package
MariaDB-aws-key-management available."

I did discover that since the first successful install, the RPM versions
have changed from 10.1.22 to 10.1.23 (and have included some config options
for 10.2 that need to be commented out).

I also believe that originally I had to change plugin-maturity in config =
alpha - but that makes no difference now.

Anyone know what happened to the plugin?  I can copy the original one from
my primary server and all works fine - but I don't love that approach.

Is aws-key-management plugin still supported?

Thanks for any insight.



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