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Deadlocks in R/W phase of Sysbench


Hello all,

have used Sysbench extensively to test MariaDB CPU
load factors between various architectures.

I am noticing massive
amounts of "[ERROR] mysqld: Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try
restarting transaction" in the MariaDB error log during the R/W phase. The
Sysbench R/W TPS rates are still respectable for my purposes, but how do I
correct this condition?? Can I ignore this / must live with it?
I have
tried three different MariaDB releases (10.0.19, 10.1.12, 10.1.24) to narrow
things down, but this message (x 1000's) is happening across all releases in
the Sysbench R/W phase.

Here is the Sysbench command that drives the
workload against MariaDB -

sysbench --test=lua/oltp.lua
--oltp_tables_count=128 --oltp-table-size=85937 --rand-seed=42 --rand-type=uniform
--num-threads=128 --oltp-read-only=off --report-interval=2
--mysql-socket=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock --max-time=201 --max-requests=0
--mysql-user=root --percentile=99 run

Would anyone have a tip / idea




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