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Re: 10.2.7 and xtradb in changelog


Am 13.07.2017 um 11:55 schrieb Sergei Golubchik:
Hi, Reindl!

On Jul 13, Reindl Harald wrote:

i thought xtradb is gone in 10.2.x

is it back now with 10.2.7 or is the changelog a random wild mix of
commits with no context to the version of the release?

Neither. Changelog is generated as "all commits that are present in the
10.2.7 history, but were not present in the 10.2.6 history". And all
commits in 10.1 are merged into 10.2 eventually (because many 10.1
bugfixes apply to 10.2 too).

So whatever was done to XtraDB in 10.1 it will be part of 10.2 revision
history, even though XtraDB itself is disabled in 10.2 (and does not
even compile there).

I agree that it's confusing, but what can we do? Manually filter out all
commits that contain the string "xtradb" from the changelog?

well, at least some filters make sense because things like "Update xtradb and innodb version to 5.6.36" are pure nonsense when innodb in 10.2 AFAIK is 5.7 and so the complete changelog feels very useless and instead beeing helpful it spreads doubt how that whole stuff works at all when random pieces seems to get merged bewteen versions or at least the changelog says so

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