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Re: Tokudb 5.7.18-16 fixes in Mariadb 10.2.8


Hi, Alessandro!

On Aug 02, Alessandro Ren wrote:
> Sergei,
> by any chance this merge will come out in MariaDB 10.0.32? It also fixes
> the row count problem in TokuDB in versions greater than 10.0.25.
>   This fix came out here
> https://www.percona.com/doc/percona-server/5.6/release-notes/Percona-Server-5.6.36-82.1.html

Yes, we've just merged it into 10.0.32.

10.0.32 release should've been out last week, but was delayed because of
a merge difficulties, and we've used the chance to merge from 5.6.36-82.1.

Chief Architect MariaDB
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