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Re: Fwd: mysql_insert_id() for INSERT...SELECT statement


Hi, Yuki!

On Jan 22, Yuki . wrote:
> I made a post at
> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48306962/mysql-insert-id-for-insert-select-statement
> but have not received any helpful answer, may be you could help me.  I
> am using MaridDB but I read MySQL documentation because it has much more
> elaborated documentation than the same page for MariaDB.
> I am doing similar INSERT...SELECT query to this
>     INSERT INTO table (value1, value2)
>     SELECT 'stuff for value1', 'stuff for value2' FROM DUAL
>           WHERE value1='stuff for value1' AND value2='stuff for value2')
>     LIMIT 1
> , where table has auto-genrated id.
> And I would like to know if it was inserted or not, of course. I assume the
> way to do that is to use `mysql_insert_id()`. It returns 0 if no insertions
> happen and 1 if insertions happen. Looking more details [here](
> https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/mysql-insert-id.html).

The intended way to do it is to look at mysql_affected_rows().

At least in C API (perhaps in some abtraction layers or connectors for
some languages one can only access mysql_insert_id()?).

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