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[MARIADB 5.5] Profiling truncated


Hello, I'm trying to profile a very long query in production (MariaDB 5.5)
using "set session profiling = 1" but when I run the command "show profile
for query 1", there is only the only 100 last steps of the query.
It's the same checking in "INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PROFILING"
I understand the parameter "profiling_history_size" is the maximum number
of queries and not the maximum steps stored fora query.
=> How can I change the number of steps available in the result of the
profiling ?

Thanks and Regards

*Fabien CLERC*


*Editeur de la solution intra'know*
Espace performance 3 - Bâtiment Z - 35769 Saint-Grégoire
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