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Upgrade paths through more major versions



MariaDB changed its release cycle to 1 major version / year.
However the upgrades remained supported only from one major version to the
very next.

I see a raise of users (of RH products - RHEL and RHSCL mainly) that would
like to jump several versions.
They had an application build on, let's say, 5.5 (RHEL7 default) and would
like to get the features from 10.2 (available in RH software collections -
we provide plenty of versions this way).
So far, they have to upgrade one by one 5.5->10.0->10.1->10.2; and solve
the conflicts at each stage.

Lately, we discontinued support fo 10.0 in RHSCL, which means, the upgrade
path metioned above won't be as easy anymore.
Also mysqldump can't be used for upgrade to 10.3, which is IMHO frequently

For other RH products, there is an ongoing discussions, whether support all
major releases or if to skip some.
Which implies the questions about the upgrades through versions we wouldn't
However skipping several versions is IMHO quite normal for products with
slow release cycle, like RHEL, so I'd expect other companies providing
similar systems / products with slow release cycle to face the same

Are there any plans to extend the upgrade paths through more versions?

Have you encountered simmilar needs of the users?


Michal Schorm
Associate Software Engineer
Core Services - Databases Team
Red Hat

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