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Re: Replication Problem


Thomas Plant <thomas@plant.systems> writes:

> Your tip with 'MASTER_USE_GTID=slave_pos' fixed it.Will have to look
> better in the documentation next time, never found the 'slave_pos'
> mentioned or 'SET sql_log_bin=0'.
> Thank you very much for your help.

Welcome, glad that you solved your problem.

The slave_pos/current_pos is confusing a lot of users. It would probably
have been better if current_pos had never been introduced.

> so you mean that disabling the binary log on the slave would be
> indicated? Can I do it while it is online?

SET sql_log_bin=0 disables binlogging only for the following queries done in
that connection (not in general). So yes, it can be done online. You would
do it for queries that you will not want replicated to other servers. For
example, if you later make this slave the master, and put the old master to
replicate from the old slave (now new master), you probably do not want to
replicate your earlier slave-fixup-query. Hence the suggestion to SET
sql_log_bin=0 to avoid having this query in the slave binlog.

But if using MASTER_USE_GTID=slave_pos, in most cases it won't matter one
way or the other.

 - Kristian.