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Mysql replication into galera cluster Errors


Hello All,

currently i have one master ( Mariadb 10.0.15)

most of oure databases and tables are still myisam.

i made a galera cluster with 3 nodes on mariadb 10.3.8

i made a dump the master, imported it into galera cluster, and mysql replication is running but im encoutering Alot of errors:

Jul 28 00:30:32 db100 mysqld[7615]: 2018-07-28  0:30:32 3807 [Warning] WSREP: SQL statement was ineffective  thd: 3807  buf: 401
Jul 28 00:30:32 db100 mysqld[7615]: schema: mytable
Jul 28 00:30:32 db100 mysqld[7615]: QUERY: COMMIT
Jul 28 00:30:32 db100 mysqld[7615]:  => Skipping replication

the idea is to discontinue the 10.0.15 machine and replace it with a 3 node galera cluster.

and to setup mysql replication into galera. then start inserting in galera. and then shutdown the old master to provide a smooth migration.

what could this be or how can i further debug this and find out why i receive this errors?

Kind regards

Ton Wittenberg