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Re: Is disabling doublewrite safe on ZFS?


Il 24-08-2018 17:25 Gionatan Danti ha scritto:
So it really seems that a doublewrite-less MariaDB would be safe from
corruption unless extraordinary bad luck (ie: mysqld crash at a
*really small* wrong moment) hits.

Hi all,
I have a follow-up on my tests.

It seems that a write() up to 16 MB is unkillable/unstoppable when directly done on top of a ZFS filesystem. I *think* this is a deliberate result of how ARC accept write for buffering. It does not seems a coincidence that current max recordsize on a ZFS filesystem is 16 MB.

On the other side, layering a ext4 filesystem on top of a ZVOL does *not* avoid partial writes. Similarly, I *think* this is due the linux own pagecache accepting an interrupted write stream.

In short, it seems a performance vs correctness tradeoff: while pagecache is way faster (for reads/writes that hit), ARC seems to greatly favor correcteness by avoiding interrupted writes.

These are only *speculations* on my parts, but they are backed by my (empirical) test results. If they are correct, disabling doublewrite would be safe if mysqld runs directly on top of a ZFS filesystem, while it have a (small) probability of corruption itself when running inside a virtual machine and/or through another filesystem layer.


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