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Post-MySQL(5.6) to MariaDB migration question - why are master_info_repository=TABLE and relay_log_info_repository=TABLE not supported?



This is my first post to the mariadb list, as I just migrated from mysql to
mariadb (OpenSUSE stopped supporting mysql after Leap 15.0).

I immediately ran into an issue migrating, with the slave not starting.
Upon further analysis, it turned out to be the lack of support of
master_info_repository=TABLE and relay_log_info_repository=TABLE in
mariadb, which means the master information effectively disappeared as far
as the slave server is concerned.

I am very surprised by this revelation. Not only did it break replication
(I had to figure this out and reassemble the CHANGE MASTER TO command with
the values fished out from the slave_master_info table), it also seems to
be a step back when it comes to crash-safe replication.

Does anyone have an explanation for why we're now back to master.info and
relay-log.info on disk rather than nice tables in memory?

from years ago for more info, for example.

It'd be great to hear from the core mariadb/mysql developers.

The lack of master_info_repository and relay_log_info_repository support is
documented here:

Thank you.


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