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Re: ERROR 1071 with mysql_upgrade


Hi, Erik!

you can run mysql_fix_privilege_tables.sql manually. Like with
mysql -uroot -p -vvv < mysql_fix_privilege_tables.sql

Presuming FreeBSD installs this file somewhere. If it doesn't, you can
extract it from mysql_upgrade with strings, I suppose.

On Jul 16, Erik Cederstrand wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to upgrade a MariaDB 10.2 server to 10.4.6 on FreeBSD.
> When running the mysql_update command, it dies with:
> $ mysql_upgrade 
> Phase 1/7: Checking and upgrading mysql database
> Processing databases
> mysql
> mysql.transaction_registry                         OK
> Phase 2/7: Installing used storage engines... Skipped
> Phase 3/7: Fixing views
> mysql.user                                         OK
> Phase 4/7: Running 'mysql_fix_privilege_tables'
> ERROR 1071 (42000) at line 437: Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes
> FATAL ERROR: Upgrade failed
> Adding verbose option does not give more hints, and the failing SQL
> statement doesn't seem to be logged with full query logging turned on.
> How do I debug this? I can't even see which table or column it's
> complaining about. I don't remember fiddling with collation or
> character sets on system tables.
> Kind regards,
> Erik

VP of MariaDB Server Engineering
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