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Is galera 26.4.4 a pre-rc version?


Hi, I do not understand the following:

MariaDB has been shipping galera 26.4.x line for some time now - for example,
with yesterday's release of 10.4.13, which is Stable (GA),
there is galera 26.4.4 for download

How come that on

which is the origin of galera (afaict)

the currently most advanced version in the 4.x line is only release candidate?
the version is 4.5 (i.e. 26.4.5) and it is RC

it seems like the whole galera 26.4.x line up to now (26.4.1, 26.4.2, 26.4.3. 26.4.4)
are only pre-release versions(?)

Or do I get it wrong?

Adam Purkrt

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