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Error writing to binary log file



I have several MariaDB 10.1.45 instances running in Linux containers with memory limits.

This week I have enabled binary logging on all of them with the following parameters:
log-bin                         = mysqld-bin
binlog-format              = mixed
expire_logs_days         = 1

After that I have been getting several errors like this in a few of them:

[ERROR] mysqld: Error writing file 'mysqld-bin' (errno: 11 "Resource temporarily unavailable")

A few also show these other two errors mixed with the previous one:

[ERROR] mysqld: Error writing file 'mysqld-bin' (errno: 12 "Cannot allocate memory") [ERROR] mysqld: Error writing file 'mysqld-bin' (errno: 0 "Internal error/check (Not system error)")

It gets stuck on this state, reporting errors to every attempt of executing a query.
A restart on the service seems to solve the problem, at least temporarily.

Does anybody have a clue on why it gets stuck like that? If the container ran out of memory, should not mariadb crash?

I could not find any information about this error and binary logs being related.

Thanks in advance,
Gustavo Vieira

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