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Re: setting db root passwd failed now reinstall is failing


So far so good.  It's working.   Thanks, Daniel.

On 6/19/20 4:03 PM, Daniel Black wrote:
On Fri, 19 Jun 2020 12:27:02 -0700
ubuntu@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi there,

I am doing a poor job installing mariadb.


  I need to install mariadb on a new ubunutu server.


I attempted to set the root password and was having difficulties getting
mariadb in a usable state after that.

Don't do that. The mysql root user is only accessible by the unix root user
and therefore its secure as your root user. It needs to stay like this so
that upgrades work.

Create a new admin user like this answer:


So I attempted a purge and reinstall of mariadb (same version).

That's the wrong way to solve a problem.

Now I cant start the daemon and I dont have a /var/lib/mysql directory
anymore.   What can I do?

create it:

sudo -u mysql mysql_install_db

$ sudo mysql_secure_installation

not required.

noah@nuc2:~$ sudo systemctl restart mariadb

then do this ^ again