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Re: Set password for all users, regardless of host value


Am 05.09.20 um 12:32 schrieb Sergei Golubchik:
> On Sep 05, Reindl Harald wrote:
>> well, why in the world was a clear structure replaced with some
>> json-like crap?
> for a couple of reasons.
> every new release was adding more columns to mysql.user, and
> mysql_upgrade was getting more and more complex trying to convert all
> possible intermediate table structures into the latest. and the
> privilege code was doing the same, as it should work without
> mysql_upgrade, so it was guessing and adapting to all intermediate
> numbers of columns. Not always correctly, the latest bug here is MDEV-23201.

and how does json crap magically solve the issue?

> with a json we'll never need to run mysql_upgrade on mysql.user and
> mysql.global_priv ever. I hope :)

yeah, throwing away structure to not need to update structure in the
future - my god send an asteroid making and end to the human race :-)

> a second reason - mysql.user can only have one auth plugin per user,
> while 10.4 supports multiple alternative authentications.
> besides, it doesn't matter whether the structure is clear or json-like
> crap, privilege tables are internal matter of the server, users can but
> aren't supposed to look inside, there is no guarantee that the structure
> will be stable or readable. changing privilege tables directly is
> fragile and is not recommended since 2000.

but it worked - cleaner and quicker than crafting special queries you
mostly need only once or twice per year

one reason going back to 10.3 as long as possible


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