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Re: MariaDB server horribly slow on start


On Wed, Jul 27, 2022 at 2:38 PM Cédric Counotte
<cedric.counotte@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> No idea what is PMM ?


I prefer v1, but in Percona's build of PMM v1 there are several bugs /
missing features that are going to cause you problems with newer
kernels and MariaDB 10.5+.
I have patches to fix it, but my build of it is not yet publicly
available. But v2 is still far better than no PMM.

> Do you have a bug tracking this behavior, so that maybe I can follow it or apply work-around ?

I cannot say I have looked. I'm generally happy to leave testing to
others until I have an overwhelming reason to upgrade to a version
with a lot of changes. And 10.5 was a rather big feature release.

> I’m not quite keen on downgrading (which I’ll do using the spare servers I have and a little replication in between), but if it turns out to provide a more reliable alternative I’m eager to do it then!

Replication from newer version to older version is also not officially
supported. It usually works, though.

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