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Some questions about mariadb-dump and mariabackup


Hi! Sorry to bother you about this but I haven't found the answers
in the doc.

** mariadb-dump

Could you tell me what is the difference of calling mariadb-dump on
innodb tables using --skip-lock-tables --single-transaction? 

>From what I read these seem to be time / performace optimizations for 
doing innodb tables dumps but if we omit them, we would get the same
data dumped, even it takes longer.

Could you confirm this?

** mariabackup

We have a setup that stores the binary logs under /var/log/mysql
(set up with the log_bin configuration option) and the databases themselves 
under /var/lib/mysql

Suppose I call mariabackup to make a backup of the database as follows
(some options obmitted):

  mariabackup --backup --target-dir=my_backup_dir

Could you tell me if calling 

  mariabackup --prepare  --target-dir=my_backup_dir

needs access to the binary logs stored under /var/log/mysql or if
mariabackup made a copy of all that it needs in my_backup_dir?

** mariabackup and incremental backups

This is basically the same question as the above. If i'm making
incremental backups as follows (some options obmitted):

  mariabackup --backup \

When I do the prepare for the incremental backups, does mariabackup need
access to the /var/log/mysql bin logs or do the full + each incremental 
backup dirs has all the info needed to do the prepare?

  mariabackup --prepare \

Many thanks in advance!


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