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Re: Mounting tmpdir via NFS


(Apologies for half-formed email sent prematurely)

Hi William

Thanks for your reply

Op 28 mrt. 2023 om 17:02 heeft Simon Avery <Simon.Avery@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:Simon.Avery@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> het volgende geschreven:
Are there any known issues with defining tmpdir on multiple servers to point to a single NFS-mounted network share?  Would each instance co-habit peacefully and not try to change any files from another instance?

  *   Any reason you’re thinking of using a single share for all MariaDB machines?

  *   How about setting up a single NFS VM with lots of space, and mounting a specific directory per MariaDB machine?

It’s certainly an option, although I’d probably go for Antony’s suggestion of separate subdirs if there was any chance of interference. That might still be preferable for good housekeeping reasons.

The downside is that both require setup on the NFS host when adding a new machine, and whilst that’s not out of the question, I’m wondering if I *need* to do that?

Thanks, Simon

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