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Re: Column named 'row_number' gives error in 10.11


On Saturday 01 April 2023 at 22:57:46, Keith Edmunds wrote:

> > "row_number" is a pre-defined function name and therefore cannot be used
> > unquoted as a column name.
> It could in 10.5 when I believe row_number was also a function.

I've confirmed on a 10.5.18 instance I have here that row_number *can* be used 
as a column name, however I don't believe it was an available window function.

> This is a change 10.5 → 10.11

See https://mariadb.com/kb/en/window-functions/ and select the box down on the 
left-hand side "MariaDB starting with 10.5.0" - you'll find that row_number is 
no longer highlighted, indicating to me that it was not an available function 
in that version of MariaDB.


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