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[Kristian Nielsen] Upcoming MariaDB 5.1.47 release


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I've tagged the 5.1-release tree with mariadb-5.1.47 and started building
packages for MariaDB 5.1.47.

The release should be out early next week as soon as Daniel has had time to
prepare release notes and mirrors have caought up with packages.

Daniel: Some things for release notes that I remember, to supplement what you
obtain from bzr commit messages:

 - New XtraDB version (If you don't find the version number in bzr, ask me to
   dig it up from my notes).

 - New PBXT version.

 - Fix dependency problem with Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid packages, and build against
   full release (no longer alpha).

 - Fix Ubuntu issue when using libmyodbc with mariadb packages.

Regards, Kristian.

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