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Re: Upcoming MariaDB 5.1.47 release


On Mon, 31 May 2010 16:29:00 +0200
Kristian Nielsen <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Kristian> MariaDB 5.1.47 packages are now uploaded to hasky.
Kristian> I've also provided the packages to OurDelta, looks like we
Kristian> will get repositories for MariaDB working again for this
Kristian> release (yay!).
Kristian>  - Kristian.
Kristian> Kristian Nielsen <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
Kristian> > I've tagged the 5.1-release tree with mariadb-5.1.47 and
Kristian> > started building packages for MariaDB 5.1.47.
Kristian> >
Kristian> > The release should be out early next week as soon as Daniel
Kristian> > has had time to prepare release notes and mirrors have
Kristian> > caought up with packages.
Kristian> >
Kristian> > Daniel: Some things for release notes that I remember, to
Kristian> > supplement what you obtain from bzr commit messages:
Kristian> >
Kristian> >  - New XtraDB version (If you don't find the version number
Kristian> > in bzr, ask me to dig it up from my notes).
Kristian> >
Kristian> >  - New PBXT version.
Kristian> >
Kristian> >  - Fix dependency problem with Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid packages,
Kristian> > and build against full release (no longer alpha).
Kristian> >
Kristian> >  - Fix Ubuntu issue when using libmyodbc with mariadb
Kristian> > packages.
Kristian> >
Kristian> > Regards, Kristian.

Thanks Kristian!

I'll be prepping the Download, Changelog, and Release Notes pages

Daniel Bartholomew
Monty Program - http://askmonty.org

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