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Re: KB Macro Proposal


Hi, Daniel!

On Dec 07, Daniel Bartholomew wrote:
> Sergei> <<tty>> macro - but with explicit highlighting of what is the
> Sergei> input. They can even be called <<input>> and <<output>>:
> Sergei> 
> Sergei> <<output>>
> Sergei> MariaDB [test] <<input>> SELECT * FROM t1 WHERE d LIKE
> Sergei> "%es%";<</input>>
> Sergei> +-----------+
> Sergei> | d         |
> Sergei> +-----------+
> Sergei> | Tuesday   |
> Sergei> | Wednesday |
> Sergei> +-----------+
> Sergei> 2 rows in set (0.00 sec)
> Sergei> <</output>>
> So are you thinking of something that looks more like the attached?

Usually the input in highlighted by making it bold or underlined.
But using sql highlighting is kind of cool - I've never seen it embedded
in the tty output, but it looks nice.

Just don't forget that tty input is not always sql:

$ <<input>>./mtr --force --parallel 5<</input>>
Failing tests: subselect subselect4
$ <<input>>diff -u r/subselect.re*<</input>>


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